ive just reinstalled the rtl8187 driver and found this on the aircrack site:

rtl8187_2.6.24v3.patch -> iwpriv wlan0 highpower 1 -> iwconfig wlan0 txpower (value of 0 to 35) but !!

+++++++++ WARNING +++++++++
+++++++++ WARNING +++++++++
WARNING: Enabling high power can damage or destroy your wireless device. Use this feature at your own risk.
+++++++++ WARNING +++++++++
+++++++++ WARNING +++++++++

so,what is the max txpower i could set on my alfa without harming ?
i actually set the txpower to 6 because i found out this on net:

6dBm = ~350mW
5dBm = ~300mW
4dBm = ~250mW
3dBm = ~180mW
2dBm = ~125mW
1dBm = ~63mW

so 10 dBm would be the max of 500 mw of the alfa

additional i found this:

"Ok, first of all "5" is just the default value for the final/retail alfa awus036h. other rtl8187L devices got different default values. the awus036h prototype got a default of "7", the new alfa usb stick is set to 10 and another rtl8187L device got "9" as default."


what is the max trxpowersetting for the alfa usbstick without harming ?


ps.iam german ;D,sorry for mistakes gg