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Thread: Installtion Error

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    Default Installtion Error

    I am new to the whole backtrack OS and tried installing it from the pdf prvided and all went well until It was done and I restarted my system. The error I'm getting is a blank black screen with missing operating system. Can this be fixed?

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    Can you provide some more details?
    Sounds like you didn't install the MBR correctly.

    Where you planning on dual booting with Windows?
    If so, and you left your Windows partition intact, you can restore the MBR to get Windows booting again.
    Windows boot floppy: fdisk /mbr
    Windows XP boot cd - recovery console - fixmbr or fixboot
    Then, have another go at installing BT.

    If it's just BT on the hdd, or a dual-boot with Windows, boot from livecd and chroot to partition where you installed BT and run liloconfig from there. That's probably easiest.
    At console (on livecd) just type:
    chroot /wherever/your/BT/partition/is/mounted
    (Then follow menu to create a new installation of Lilo)
    add your Linux partition
    Add your Windows partition (if applicable)
    install Lilo

    Again, there's threads around here with more detail

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    Which version of Backtrack? BT2 or BT3?

    How many harddrives do you have?

    What does a "fdisk -l" return if you run it from the live cd?
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