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Thread: how to change language backtrack

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    Default how to change language backtrack

    im download and installed the kde-i18n-tr how to change the language in backtrack

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    tr? Are you turkish? and why is this posted in the tutorial and guides section.

    Ok heres how:

    1. Read the rules
    2. Post in the appropriate Section

    You should be posting in the newbie section really. A lot of people view that forum.

    Thats the end of my tutorial

    Oh and i would lose the sig.
    Give credit & show appreciation for members creations,

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    Default sorry

    im so sorry all people write the HoW TO My mistake im so sorry
    but this to hard for me im understand codes and technical word but some people write the short word and im stucked
    example :
    cya = see you
    4 you = for you

    and to hard for me but i do this
    how many people using 128 bit password in tr i say 0
    because to long
    all tr people using password age or name max 8 charecter
    and im do it for backtrack satalite antenna
    using a usb dongle, 90cm parabol aliminyum satalite antenna, 2 meters usb cable turn the antenna find all this verry fun im upload a picture for this tomorrow
    and 1 question
    how to enable airties usb wirless dongle in backtrack i have .inf and .sys files for windows using the ndiswrapper but cant do it any think cya my friends

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    ndiswrapper -i /path/driver.inf

    ndiswrapper -l

    on@xaser:~$ ndiswrapper -l
    mrv8k51 : driver installed
    device (11AB:1FA6) present

    modprobe ndiswrapper

    ndiswrapper -m

    thats it ...

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