okay, so i boot from th live cd, start making partitions and preparing to install BT3 in dual boot on my second HDD. However, half way through it the system hung. so - re-booted, went through all the steps again, but this time the system hung sooner than it did the previouse time. i have experienced this problem before on FC7, and it was fixed by updating graphics drivers, but surely, since this is a live CD, i wont be able to install the drivers i require? or could these system hangs be down to another problem?

and just to clear up the issue, the system hangs even if im not trying to install BT3 in dual boot. i can just be surfing around the web and it will hang.

anyways, it would be very helpfull for an answer as soon as possible because i am unable to complete the instalation of BT3 since the system hangs so often.

thankyou for all help and support as it is much apreciated.
//Regards, Griff.