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Thread: Fake AP's with RT73

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    Default Fake AP's with RT73

    Can the RT73 be used to make fake AP's?

    I've tried something called "Raw Fake AP" and also some other pearl script but haven't had any look with either of them. Speaking of pearl scripts, can you just execute them with "./", or do you need to run some sort of pearl script manager on them? When I type "pearl" at the commandline, it says unrecognised command.

    I did some Googling to look for instructions on how to use rfakeap, and I found a page that said you've to put your card in Master mode. I've heard about managed mode and monitor mode, but not master mode. Can the RT73 be put in master mode?

    Has anyone had any success using the RT73 to broadcast fake AP's?

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    It's "perl" not "pearl"
    Yes, you need a perl interpreter installed (already in BT)

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    Take a look at mdk3.

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    Can I download MDK3 anywhere so that I can use it on Kubuntu? I've Googled looking for somewhere to download it but I can't find it.

    Has anyone used MDK3 successfully in conjunction with an RT73 card? Are you certain I'll be able to broadcast fake AP's with an RT73?

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