Hey all,

Ive been playing around with fake ap and have been able to create APs no problem, but it seems that all these fake aps use the mac address of the card I am using instead of the mac addresses from the file I am using for vendors. When the script runs it shows each AP that is created and they each have a unique MAC but like I said, when running kismet/net stumbler, any other wireless scanner, all I see is a single AP with the mac of my card and the only thing that changes is the ESSID.

Ive seen videos and screenshots of people creating multiple APS at once, so I was wondering what is going wrong with my set up.

I use fake ap by putting my card into master mode using wlanconfig, then i run fakeap like so "perl fakeap.pl --interface ath0 --words list.txt --mac maclist.txt"

anyone have any tips?,

thanks a lot