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Thread: Seeking learning material

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    Smile Seeking learning material

    hello every one : ) i just signed up on this site and downloaded the backtrack 3 beta. I am new to all of this and was wondering if any one had tips or thing i should read before i get into the software. I want to test my security, if there are any video training series or any tutorials (videos) that i could use that would be helpful.

    I am new to hacking but would like to learn how. I am a high school grad and will probable go to college for something related to internet security, i also want to learn how to code,(i only know very little now)

    please reply thanx

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    Pureh@te also has some good ones on his blog page (DE-ICE tuts) that'll give you an idea of the process and tools to accomplish the objectives. Definitely worth checking out as they are a good demonstration of using the right tools for the right jobs, which is the mindset to have when pentesting.
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