I am having problems with my USB-Wlan. The device is a Sitecom Wl-117 which has the ZyDas chipset. For windows it is "driverless", as it adds a virtual CD-rom and copies the files to the place it needs them and then re-connectes as a wireless device. As a result, under Linux i get about three "add"s in udevmonitor, followed by three "remove"s. lsusb shows it when connected, but losses it after about 1 sec or less.

Now, the correct driver is the zd1211rw which also handles the "ejecting" of the "virtual cdrom" (to be clear: no virtual cdrom is somehow shown on Linux). From what I have read, I have to deny 'usb-storage' the stick, as it will otherwise try to mount it and get cought in the loop.

thank you for help