I got Kismet up and running on my laptop. I took my laptop to work and scanned our public wireless network. My co-worker had his laptop running and I tried to find it. I knew what wireless node he was on and I knew what his MAC address was. I scanned node 5 (his node) and brought up the client list. I then sorted it by MAC address. His MAC address did not show up! What did I do wrong? Is there a way to look for a specific MAC address if you know what it is?

I brought my laptop Home and scanned my home network also. One of my wired computers MAC addresses did not show either! Although I think I might have the answer for that. The "No Show" was the docking station on my network. But I had done a "getmac" command to bring up the addresses for that device and that one was not on the list. Hmmm. I am missing something. Your help would be appreciated.