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    I've recently got the Linux bug and am working on learning it. I have downloaded about 15 live cd distros and just two days ago came across this one. I am interested in knowing how these command lines and programs work so I have been looking up the advice of people who know. I want to learn Python and start becoming familiar with 'bash'. With Ubuntu I was able to access the internet until I closed out the Firefox window then my internet was terminated. Puppy freezes when checking connection and so forth. Backtrack 2 is the first distro that I can access the internet 'immediately' and do all the things I want to do. It also comes with Python so I can stay on the same computer and try and read and learn.
    So according to the 'newbie' stickies, it is recommended that we learn slackware and slax because BT is based on it. Well, slax won't access the internet for me and I'm not ready to partition the family computer yet. I'd rather have something that worked on my mac but I have had NO luck even getting a screen on my ppc. So my question is, what "lighter" distro can you recommend that has the hardware detection that BT 2 has and also has Python and will get me familiar with "Slackware"? Without one, I'll be stuck using BT 2 for my desktop OS. That may not be horrible, but I'd like to try another one. Any ideas?

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    The best thing to do in this situation is do some googling for basic linux networking commands. Most distros will work right out of the box but sometimes your nic card or wireless interface may need some configuration. IMHO I love slackware 12.0 as a mainstream linux distro however ubuntu is usually the best transition for people from windows. Backtrack is meant to be for network penetration testing.

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