I noticed there's no specific tools (That I can find anyway) that paticularly dumps the contents of the RAM to a physical drive.

I'm curious if anyone knows of any specific utilities that help offer this ability. I remember see'ing some echo type commands what I believe dump certain areas of ram into a specific file...

As i'm sure alot of you have seen already there's an article on Slashdot covering some interesting information about dump ram to obtain encryption keys.

I'm some of you are going to pounce that, " Ooo! The kiddie saw something cool on a video with neat liquid nitrogen smoke so he wants to copy everything he see's to pwn some n00bs ".

Yeah, that's the basic process however i'm wanting to test different circumstances with different encryption utilities at the university i'm currently working from. That, and I think it'd be a neat utility that backtrack might want to utilize under the believed, " Forensic science " section.