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Thread: Help with simple shell program

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    Default Help with simple shell program

    I am trying to write a program in shell to replace strings in a text file. I'm pretty sure that my method is right, I just think I am not declaring / calling my variables correctly.
    #calling variables
    @ replacements=0
    @ i=0
    set file
    set string[index]
    set replacement[index]
    echo "This script will substitute a pattern with another one."
    echo "How many strings will you be replacing?"
    echo "What is the path to the file you want to modify?"
    cp $file $file.saved
    #The Meat
    while ( $i<= $replacements)
    echo "Enter $i pattern."
    echo "Enter what you want pattern $i replaced with"
    sed 's/$string[$i]/$replacement[$x]/g' $file

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    if you want to get an input use read

    echo -n "What is the path to the file you want to modify?" (-n avoid to pass a line before input)
    read file (no dollar)
    echo "The Path is $file"

    but you should have a look to getops and add option switch to your command line like -f file

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    Hi Little_Dice this is an example of getopts usage

        usage () {
        echo -e “Usage: $0 -e \”What To Echo\” [ -q \”Output\” ]”
        echo -e “\t-e: specifies what to echo (required)”
        echo -e “\t-q: Where to write output to. If not specified the output is written to the console”
        while getopts “:e:q:” ARG;
        do case “${ARG}” in
        e) ECHO=”${OPTARG}”;;
        q) OUTPUT=”${OPTARG}”;;
        [ -z “${ECHO}” ] && { usage && exit 1; }
        [ “${OUTPUT}” ] && { echo $ECHO > $OUTPUT; } || { echo $ECHO; }
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    Why re-invent the wheel?
    vi somefile
    Or even easier:
    sed -i "s/foo/bar/g" somefile
    Both of which replace all occurrences of the string "foo" with the string "bar" in the file "somefile".
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