Hi guys, I have tried searching for this a bit, but haven't had any results on google or here because of lack of viable search terms, and dodgy results. So I was wondering, do you guys know of any good software that I can use to turn my BackTrack with wireless card into an AP that will pass on any traffic from the Wireless card requests into the switched network. I.e., say Backtrack was, and the modem was, then I would like some software that could say handle the broadcasting of a network SSID, the connection of clients and obviously some sort of DHCP software to provide them with an IP (or allow the cable modem to do that - it does have DHCP services, but would backtrack still have to provide the IP), and then pass their requests through onto the modem? Hope to hear your replys, and thanks guys.



Ok, after some further research, I think I may have figured something out. Basically, do I just have to edit my DHCP.conf file to allow DHCP assignment on Ad-Hoc, then put my wireless card into ad-hoc mode, using:
iwconfig eth0 essid *essid_name_here* mode Ad-Hoc nick *essid_nick_here* enc off
Then install the HostAP drivers so that it will appear as an AP rather than a peer. Now, I haven't had a chance to try all that yet, but does that sound about right? Thanks guys.