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Thread: Alfa -AWPCI085G 630mW - Atheros - Chip

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    Default Alfa -AWPCI085G 630mW - Atheros - Chip

    Hi any 1 heared about this mini pci card - from Alfa network
    AWPCI085G 630mW (28dBm) 802.11b/g Atheros AR5414 Chip MiniPC
    by the way i searched the forum .

    sorry if its already posted
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    I wonder are there any Antenna Mods for something like you found.

    Very good of you to post, but other than that, I dont know much
    about them.

    Hopefully someone will post shortly regarding this.

    Just continue to do research on the chipset of this Wifi card, make sure the vendor
    give you a money back gurantee, then purchasse.

    USB Wifi devices are becoming the norm though.

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    I'd worry about heat if you put it in a laptop, if it even fit/worked. The antenna connector is also the wrong type for a laptop. Most laptops have ufl connectors (2). It would probably work fine in a pci adapter in a desktop, but it was designed to go in an ap.

    Madwifi does support it.

    Here's another.

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