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    Default Key Found!

    Hello! English is not my first language so please forgive me if I dont express correcctly.
    Ok, i want to tell you people a little story. I love computers, and my brother knows it. We are continually betting, like i bet you cant write a program that does this, i bet you cant do that etc.
    Yesterday he created an AP. He comes to me and says i bet you cant get in my AP. I say sure i can (he didnt know i have bactrack as my ally, stupid of him ). So i get to it. I boot my BT3 live cd and start the penetration, using aircrack, aireplay, airodump etc. This is not the first time i crack WEP's, this is not the first time i use linux (i'm writing in the newbie area because ive just registeredin the forum ¬¬) so i know what im doing.
    I have the laptop running all night, and the this morning the key is found.
    HERE comes the problem. you see, ive found two tipes of keys in my WEP crackings: ASCII ones like:

    KEY FOUND! [ 5A:30:30:31:33:34:39:36:45:43:45:43:36 ] (ASCII: Z0013496ECEC6
    Decrypted correctly: 100%

    and decimal keys like:

    KEY FOUND! [ 20:14:15:16:17 ]
    Decrypted correctly: 100%(it didnt showed me the ASCII value so i supposed watching the numbers, that they were decimal)

    but the one i found this morning is like this:

    KEY FOUND! [ 56:0C:CE:4E:B8:85:8F:6B:28:5E:50:CE:B6 ]
    Decrypted correctly: 100%
    ok, i can see this is hexadecimal too. But when i was using aircrack i specified that i wanted it to show me the ASCII value. What type of key is this?Its not ASCII. I tried converting that string of hex to decimal, but it isnt the password either.
    How can i know what type of password it is? i mean, when can i know when its ASCII or decimal? What password is this?

    That would be all for now

    I would really appreciate some help here. Thanks.

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    The key is the key no matter what format it is in it will still work. If you guys set the key then you should know what it is

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