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And as you know in the pc world, you HAVE to keep up with technology, as it changes constantly.
Tell me about it. The other day I picked up a used 24 port 3Com Superstack 1000 (for $2.50) and it took me a bit to figure out I needed a null-modem to comminicate with it (since there wasn't an IP address assigned to it when I got it).

I minicom'd it to death with a regular DB9 and finally came across a post somewhere that mentioned the necessity of a null-modem, so I took 2 dual female adapters and wired it up to a diagram I saw (using spare cat 5 wire, as the serial wires suck @$$ for this job). I got lucky my first attempt; plugged it in, fired up minicom and viola!

Sometimes in keeping up with technology, one must travel the old roads that were shortcut'd