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Thread: Anyone ever use WICD in BT3 or even BT2?

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    Oki, but if we only add your code to rc.local, we only start Wicd deamon, but not put icon to autostart, and if I reboot my BT3, I alwayes need run Wicd gui manually. I want run this like on Ubuntu were I can go to Gnome->System->Preference->Sesion->Run programs and add /opt/wicd/ and after this when I run my Ubuntu I always have Wicd in autostart. Can you understand what I want?

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    gacolek: I understand what you want. You want the icon to show up in the system tray on boot up. I was confused in the previous post that there were 2 icons in the tray. Most likely the script is being called twice, once with the installed package and again with my startup script. My best guess is that the initial /opt/wicd/ call is running and does not show in the system tray.
    In the FAQ on they say that in order to get the tray icon to show up you need to introduce the "sleep 3" command. This makes the command wait for other applications to load before is called. I'm not sure where is being called from with your installed package. My best recommendation is to upgrade to wicd version 1.5.6 (current release as of this writing). You can get the package here. This way the tray icon should show up on boot without any additional configuration.

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