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Thread: Nessus 3.0.6 BT3 scanning problem

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    Exclamation Nessus 3.0.6 BT3 scanning problem

    I am having a problem with Nessus (3.0.6 fc6 rpm used) and getting it to do a vulnerability scan in BT3. I had a look in Wireshark and it seems to be SYN scanning my test target (a few common ports) than dies for no reason. I have been using Nessus for a while now in both windows and linux so I can't see what is the problem here.

    Did any one else set up Nessus 3.0.6 + The NEW GUI (Looks similar to the Windows release now) NessusClient (3.0.6) Not the old 1.0.2 in BT 3 and had any strange Issues?

    The GUI appears to be functional , and connects to my listening Nessus Server no problem, I can select a host or a range and can edit a scan policy. Clicking on the Scan Now button make a little animated image appear that a scan is in progress, than it dies. (while it is scanning as I said above, I had wireshark running to see what was up.)

    I have tested both NessusClient-3.0.1-fc6.i386.rpm and the fc6 rpm of nessus
    and both fc7 rpms (new client + Nessus scanner) same result, no scanning.

    Please let me know if your install is working

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    fc-5 is the one you need. I could not get any of the other ones to work.

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