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Thread: AutoScan -> Nmap

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    Default AutoScan -> Nmap

    Posting in here as I dont know the fix.

    When using AutoScan in BT3 I find a device and go to the drop down and choose 'nessus' and enter details it comes up with an error which says cant find '/usr/bin/nmap'.

    nmap is located at '/usr/local/bin/nmap'. I have changed the path in the settings and clicked save but it comes up with same error and same path.

    I'm afraid i'm not good enough to fix it so not helping really, just thought I would mention it for BT3 purposes.

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    If you have BT3 installed a quick fix would be to create a symbolic link to /usr/bin/nmap from /usr/local/bin/nmap. For a live fix I would time to tool around

    when you're change the path are you just clicking save, because you have to hit apply then save to get it to stick

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