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Thread: Wesside-ng on Backtrack 3 - gone in 60 seconds

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    Default Wesside-ng on Backtrack 3 - gone in 60 seconds

    I made this video while i was bored its the fastest way i have cracked my own wep. I suggest that new people to backtrack try to learn all possible ways to crack wep and dont be lazy

    64 Bit Wep

    128 Bit Wep
    My life is a living Hell, Day by Day fixing broken Windows Boxes (will it ever end)

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    I really like wesside-ng

    However it is a lazy mans tool, so beginners as dapirates1 said learn other methods too

    Thank you for the videos

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    Cheers dapirates1

    We all have to start somewhere....

    Once you get your first key it then takes over !


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