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Thread: Nforce laptop queries - network and ACPI

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    Default Nforce laptop queries - network and ACPI

    My presario 750 US is a great piece of gear, light, wide screen, dual 64bit core, overall good machine. Thing is, BT hates it. The thing has an nforce 610 chipset running the show, and i guess the 2.6 kernel wasn't designed for this integrated "technological wonder." The the NIC doesn't work, and ACPI is a mess too.

    If starting on battery power, i have to throw in "noapic and acpi=off" parameters into the boot (i have a freaking 'battery mode' selection dialed into grub's menu.lst), and if starting on a full battery with AC (charging battery is same as no AC at all) i need to hit the ACPI power button during boot to get it to turn over and give me the "bad thermal zone..." something or other error message while it loads up. It's like driving a 1970's British sports car .

    I've seen nforce drivers released for other OS' but i cant figure out how to get them working in this one, and i think they were only the deth drivers for the NIC. Has anyone gotten around these issues on their shiny new nforce laptops?

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    This is completely off topic, but I spent the better part of the day yesterday driver hacking to get a similar notebook (that was pre-installed with vista), loaded with XPee... no phun with nForce
    dd if=/dev/swc666 of=/dev/wyze

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