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Thread: How to connect to AP w/ DHCP turned off?

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    Default How to connect to AP w/ DHCP turned off?


    I have the wep key, and my mac is associated with the filter list, however the AP is a little to far away and I am unsure as to which subnet the AP is on.

    I have tried the common ones, and none of them seem to allow me to ping the AP. Just destination host unreachable,

    Can I scan the SSID for it's IP somehow?

    I have had good experience using a static IP when the wireless AP is far away and DHCP isn't working, or obviously when it is turned off.

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    Default Re: How to connect to AP w/ DHCP turned off?

    If you don't know the subnet then that probably means it's not yours and as such you have no business messing with it. Not to mention you don't know the IP address either.

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