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Thread: Compiled fixes that you might need.

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    Default Compiled fixes that you might need.

    Now remember you have to be able to save changes for all of this to help;

    I have taken the time to compile some fixes that seem to be asked. I hope this helps.
    I have also tried to make it easy to understand for you that are just starting out , like I am.
    I have made step by step commands, so hopefully your time with BackTrack is much more fun.
    The forum here to me has been a life saver. All the things below have come from this very forum, so they get all the Credit.

    If your having internet connection problems with an ath0 card this helped me

    Copy this to a terminal
    wget ''
    tar zxvf madwifi-ng-r2756+ar5007.tar.gz
    cd madwifi-ng-r2756+ar5007
    (Hit enter)

    After it downloads
    Type: make clean (hit enter)
    Type: make (hit enter)
    Type:make install (hit enter)
    Type:reboot (hit enter)

    To fix your sound if it does not work
    1-Copy Below
    2-open a terminal and Paste

    tar xvpjf alsa-driver-1.0.15.tar.bz2
    cd alsa-driver-1.0.15
    ./configure --with-cards=hda-intel
    (Hit Enter)

    Type: make (hit enter)
    Type:sudo make install (hit enter)
    You might have to reboot

    This is an auto update that works excellent: This also Fixes Slaptget
    1-Copy below
    2- open KWrite
    3- Right click in KWrite and Paste
    4 -Type: update (in the box)
    2-Open a termanal
    3-Type: chmod 755 update (hit enter)
    4-Type:update (hit enter)

    #### Metasploit Framework 2/3,Aircrack-ng,Sqlite,Aircrack-ng -dev,Kismet,Slaptget,Wlassistant ####
    while [ $option -ne 0 ]
    echo " 1. --> Update Metasploit Framework 3"
    echo " 2. --> Update Metasploit Framework 2"
    echo " 3. --> Update Aircrack-ng (0.9.1)"
    echo " 4. --> Update Kismet"
    echo " 5. --> Install Slaptget (0.9.12-i386-1)"
    echo " 6. --> Update Wireless Assistant (0.5.7)"
    echo " 7. --> Install Gpsd (2.34)"
    echo " 8. --> Install Sqlite (3.4.0) (Required, to allow use of Aircrack-ng dev)"
    echo " 9. --> Install Aircrack-ng dev"
    echo "10. --> Install Sqlite (3.4.0) and Aircrack-ng dev"
    echo "11. --> Update Airpwn (1.3)"
    echo "12. --> Update OpenSSL (0.9.8d) "
    echo " 0. --> Exit"
    read option
    case $option in
    #### This part was written by ReL1K ####
    1) echo "*** Updating Metasploit Framework 3 ***"
    svn update /pentest/exploits/framework3/;;
    2) echo "*** Updating Metasploit Framework 2 ***"
    svn update /pentest/exploits/framework2/;;
    #### This part was me with help from PrairieFire & purehate ####
    3) echo "UpDating Aircrack-ng..."
    tar -xf aircrack-ng-0.9.1.tar.gz
    cd aircrack-ng-0.9.1
    make clean && make && make install
    cd ..
    rm -r aircrack-ng-0.9.1
    rm -r aircrack-ng-0.9.1.tar.gz;;
    4) echo "UpDating Kismet..."
    svn co kismet-devel
    cd kismet-devel
    ./configure --disable-setuid
    make dep && make && make install
    cd ..
    rm -r kismet-2007-01-R1b.tar.gz
    rm -r kismet-2007-01-R1b;;
    5) echo "Installing Slaptget"
    installpkg slapt-get-0.9.12-i386-1.tgz
    rm -r slapt-get-0.9.12-i386-1.tgz
    echo "usage slapt-get --update"
    echo "slapt-get --upgrade";;
    6) echo "UpDating Wireless Assistant"
    tar -xvjf wlassistant-0.5.7.tar.bz2
    cd wlassistant-0.5.7
    ./configure && make clean && make && make install
    rm -r wlassistant-0.5.7
    rm -r wlassistant-0.5.7.tar.bz2;;
    7) wget
    tar -xf gpsd-2.34.tar.gz
    cd gpsd-2.34
    ./configure && make clean && make && make install
    rm -r gpsd-2.34.tar.gz
    rm -r gpsd-2.34;;
    #### This part was balding_parrot ####
    8) echo "Installing Sqlite-3.4.0"
    cd /usr/local/bin
    ln -s tclsh8.4 tclsh
    cd /root
    curl -O
    tar xvzf sqlite-3.4.0.tar.gz
    cd sqlite-3.4.0
    ./configure --prefix=/usr/local
    make && make install
    cd ..
    rm -r sqlite-3.4.0
    rm -r sqlite-3.4.0.tar.gz;;
    9) echo "Install Aircrack-ng dev"
    svn co aircrack-ng
    cd aircrack-ng
    gmake SQLITE=true
    gmake SQLITE=true install
    cd ..
    rm -r aircrack-ng;;
    10) echo "Installing Sqlite-3.4.0 and Aircrack-ng dev"
    cd /usr/local/bin
    ln -s tclsh8.4 tclsh
    cd /root
    curl -O
    tar xvzf sqlite-3.4.0.tar.gz
    cd sqlite-3.4.0
    ./configure --prefix=/usr/local
    make && make install
    cd ..
    rm -r sqlite-3.4.0
    rm -r sqlite-3.4.0.tar.gz
    svn co aircrack-ng
    cd aircrack-ng
    gmake SQLITE=true
    gmake SQLITE=true install
    rm -r aircrack-ng;;
    #### PrairieFire ####
    11) echo "Updating Airpwn..."
    gzip -d airpwn-1.3.tgz
    tar -xvvf airpwn-1.3.tar
    cd airpwn-1.3
    gzip -d lorcon-current.tgz
    tar -xvvf lorcon-current.tar
    cd lorcon
    ./configure && make && make install
    cd ..
    ./configure && make
    rm -r airpwn-1.3.tar
    rm -r airpwn-1.3;;
    12) echo "Updating Openssl..."
    curl -O
    tar -xvzf openssl-0.9.8e.tar.gz
    cd openssl-0.9.8e
    ./configure && make && make test && make install
    rm -r openssl-0.9.8e.tar.gz
    rm -r openssl-0.9.8e;;
    0) echo "*** Exiting ***"
    *) exit &;;

    Fix Kismet
    Open a terminal window and edit: /usr/local/etc/kismet.conf

    (you can use whatever editor you want: vi, kwrite, etc)

    Find the line:
    and replace it with:
    *Note wif0 is for ath0, put whatever card you have there.

    Save kismet.conf (ctrl+x in nano). You will now need to start kismet from the terminal (rather than the K / Backtrack menu) by typing:

    Purhates Video for making a USB **EXCELLENT**

    This forum has been excellent to me so I compiled some of the fixes i did.
    I want to help with what i can to give back. I hope this will help some of you.

    I will add more as I can think of them.

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    These all need to be updated to current versions
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    Default Thanks

    If anybody can add something to make this better for all, please do.
    If someone can update these, that know how, I would appreciate it also. Thank You!!

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    Fasttrack will update a lot of those things to the current version. Kismet has its own svn update script in the /pentest/svn directory. There is no need to update wireless ass. because it sucks and I don't forsee it getting much better.

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