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    Angry Oxfordtec

    I dont know if this is the correct place on the forum for this but seeing as a lot of Newbi's might be purchasing new equipment then perhaps it is.

    I have attempted to buy I new mini PCI-E card for my new eeepc from a company called OXFORDTEC

    OXFORDTEC is the worst company I have ever bought an item from. They attempted to increase the price of my GIGABYTE GN-WI07HT at the checkout by £1.00 and also the postage by 0.58. It took several phone calls and Emails to resolve this sneaky price increase.

    Then 2 days later after paying for it on my credit card the package from OXFORDTEC came. Very disappointingly the item inside was completely different to what I had ordered although the invoice correctly stated the item I wanted.

    Despite having sent the wrong part back to Oxfordtec they are now saying they have not received it. I tried to phone them up to complain but the person representing Oxfordtec said he was going to terminate the call.

    So I have paid my money to them, paid myself to send them back an item they wrongly sent and still I don’t have anything that I have paid them for.

    I paid for Royal Mail 1st Class Recorded which they claim is usually delivered within 1 to 2 days we are now 9 days down the line they have my money I have nothing.

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    At least you have recourse via your CC company

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    Have you looked on the RM website to see if its confirmed as delivered? If RM lost your parcel you are entitled to £35 compo from them.

    And you can still go down the Credit Card route that Re@lity suggested.

    So you could end up with compensation and a full refund also.
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    I recently bought a router from and got it delivered but it didnt work properly. Just to send it back I have to pay 20 EUR for returning an item in witch I lost arround 50 EUR in total. The best way is going to your local store nearby in your town and buy whatever they suply but witch is suported.

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