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Thread: DHCPCD not working

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    Default DHCPCD not working

    I am directly connected to my DHCP server. My installed OS as well as Knoppix, BT3, and other Live CD's work fine..However whenever I try to get an ip address from Backtrack2 the interface shuts down.

    I first turn on the interface:
    ifconfig eth0 up

    I confirm that the interface is up and then run:
    dhcpcp eth0

    I open tcpdump on both my pc and my dhcp server. I see the dhcprequest go out and I see my server make an offer. I never see the offer in my dump on the pc and then the interface shuts down.

    Everything works fine if I manually assign an IP.

    Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks in advance.

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    Not sure if it is a typo in your post but the command should be dhcpcd eth0

    Reckon it's a typo, as the title of the thread has it right but thought I would point it out just in case.
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    is there a fireweall enabled ?

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