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Thread: Graphics problem with BT3

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    Default Graphics problem with BT3

    This may not be the right section, but I can't seem to be able to post in the BT3 section so I'll post here. I've installed BT3 to my USB stick and when booting up I choose KDE (I've tried flux too however), and after everything's printed and it's all ready, the screen flickers and I hear the startup sound however the screen just goes black with colours dotted around.

    It's not too easy to explain however I think you'll understand what I mean.

    I've had problems like this with BT2 too, I'm using GeForce 7200GS card and LG 37LF65 TV (through RGB/VGA not DVI). Any ideas?

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    Did you install the nvidia drivers available from the wiki ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by balding_parrot View Post
    Did you install the nvidia drivers available from the wiki ?
    I just tried that now, I placed the nvidia.lzm file into the /boot/modules folder on my USB drive and rebooted, I got the same problem. ;\

    Anyway yeah I've fixed it now (placed in /BT3/modules/), thanks.

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