Hi everyone,
Im experiencing problems with BT3 and all my system... duh, BIG PROBLEMS actually:

this is (was) layout of my system:
sda1 -  25GB - vfat - win xp system partition
sda2 - ~90GB - vfat - data partition
sda3 -  25GB - ext3 - gentoo system partition
sda4 -  rest - swap - shared swap

mbr - grub dualboot
Everything had been working just fine, but then I downloaded BT3 iso, burned it, booted it up, did nothing but browsed bt wiki with firefox.
then reboot ed and WHOA?!?!? /dev/sda1 cant be mounted (bad superblock or unknown fs), winxp cant be booted, sda1 cant be read with any win/dos/linux system.

Obviously BT3 f***ed up my sda1 partition.
(note: I remember that during startup BT3 wrote something about NTFS on sda1, but hey, there was vfat...)

Any ideas what BT3 did to my sda1 partition?
or better how to fix it?