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Thread: ISL3886 (only softmac capable) chipset

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    Default ISL3886 (only softmac capable) chipset


    I'm experiencing almost exactly the same problem as budweiz in this thread. First I wanted to reply to his thread but I thought opening up a new thread in the right section might be more adequate.

    I'm trying to use a noname card with ISL3886 (only softmac capable) chipset with BT3. After hours of tampering around I've come to the following results:
    • With ndiswrapper the card works, but as all of us know: no monitor mode
    • The firmware file (hxxp// -> /usr/lib/hotplug/firmware/isl3886) for my card is missing -> I've added the right file and it gets properly uploaded to the card
    • The "normal" prism54 fullmac drivers, that are automatically loaded by BT3 don't work with my card, as it is a softmac only card
      Quote Originally Posted by
      Only PCI cards with an ISL3877, ISL3880 and ISL3890 work. The new devices with an ISL3886, known as "newmac", "softmac" or even "thinmac" are not supported. If you have one of these devices, or if you have an USB card, you must use this instead.
      While "this" from the quote being the islsm drivers budweiz mentioned before in his thread
    • Tried to compile and use the islsm drivers on BT3, but as the kernel source is missing there is no chance of getting the makefile to work properly

    Might there be the chance that the islsm drivers will be included into BT3 or could maybe a dev do a quick compile of these drivers? Or is balding_parrot really right in the other thread and these drivers are already included and I'm just too dumb too activate them?
    Next step for me will be to try to get the card working on a "normal" linux installation by compiling the drivers myself.

    Any help is greatly appreciated!
    Kind regards and thanks in advance.

    P.S.: too bad one isn't allowed to post proper urls until he has 15 posts or more.. so excuse the crippled links

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    maybe with kernel version 2.6.24 or wireless-git 2.6 where the p54 can make use of the softmac. Along with that comes with the usage of mac80211 and deprecation of ieee80211, injection and monitor may not be supported.

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