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Thread: Acer Travelmate 4101wlmi (4100/4600Series)

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    Default Acer Travelmate 4101wlmi (4100/4600Series)

    Everything works fine.

    [X] Sound (Conexant)
    [X] Lan (Broadcom)
    [X] Wifi Intel 2200bg [Monitor Mode works]
    [X] Acpi // CPU Speed and Load balancing
    [X] Tft - 1280x800
    [X] VGA + Compiz

    I have the DDR2 model but the componants are the same.

    Other Components

    [X] Nvilock 3020USB GPS
    [X] Ubiquite SRC

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    I've had great luck with the few Acer Travelmates that I have tried BT3b on. I have notice that they seem extremely quick to boot USB. I'm really getting suprised at how much the hardware has improved in these "cheapy" laptops over the years.

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