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Thread: Screen full of 99's

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    Default Screen full of 99's

    Hi there, long time reader and BT user first time poster here.

    Bit of background about my problem:
    I had BT2 and XP dual-booting on my laptop using lilo as the loader, i decided i wanted to update to BT3 so the easiest way i thought was to delete my current partitions (except the XP partition) and recreate them and install following the dual-boot video by muts in the how-to.

    Everything went fine until i tried to 'chroot' to the installation, i got a msg not the same as what was on the tutorial, unfortunatly i can't remember what the msg was. Anyway it seemed to work as the prompt changed from 'bt ~ #' to 'bt / #'. I changed the 'lilo.conf' accordingly, saved it, ran 'lilo -v' and got an error msg, sorry but i can't remember what it was. Either way it didn't write it or maybe it wrote something and when i rebooted instead of the lilo boot selection screen i received a screen half full of 99's prefixed with an 'L' (see attachment).

    I redid the whole process and this time everything was successfull including 'chroot' to installation and writing to 'lilo.conf' except i still get the same half screen of 99's

    I've fuxed my MBR i think, i know this isn't a BT problem but i'm at a loss of how to fix it and was wondering if anyone can help me out.

    Sorry for the long post but i am a newb and want to be thorough.

    Asus A8JR - (to use KDE i have to make changes to sync & refresh in the 'xorg.conf' file, doubt it makes a diff but hey...)
    T5500 processor
    X2300 ATI graphics
    1GB RAM

    If i've missed owt important please ask.

    EDIT: I missed the most imporatant part, Thank-You to all who have made BackTrack and associated additions possible, its F'in amazing

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    If ya can't tell i've fixed my problems.

    It was what i thought, my MBR was messed up.

    lilo -m /mnt/hda2/SLAX/ -S /dev/null blanked my MBR

    chroot to my installation, re-did the lilo file.

    Lilo stated i had a problem with my NTFS partition so

    lilo -P fix
    sorted that, well it allows it to boot anyway.

    I read a post a few days ago stating that quite a few people try to learn linux at the same time as BT, i am a classic example.

    I've found the post "If you're a Linux noob, read this thread" so i'll be brushing up on all my skills, not just BT.

    Once again thanks for providing this mass of knowledge and expertise.

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    Well at least you returned to share how you fixed it
    Too many members either don't bother posting in a thread after quietly resolving their issue, or return to just say "fixed it! thanks, bye!" leaving others in the same boat absolutely none-the-wiser

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    Yeh i've noticed that a couple of times, this place/people has provided me with so much info i'd find it rude not to share what little info i have, lol.

    Thanks again

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