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    Default Download Manager Tool

    I wish, I post the topic right place. I need a download manager application. Is there any good download manager for backtrack 4 like Internet download manager?
    Thanks for your interests.

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    Default Re: Download Manager Tool

    This is more of a beginner question as opposed to tool request. There really is no need to add something like this to a penetration testing distro. But there are probably thousands of options that others could list here for you.
    Also there is a basic manager (using the term loosely) included in firefox. You have the ability top pause the download and resume at a later time.

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    Default Re: Download Manager Tool

    Just a few off the top of my head:

    DownThemAll 1.1.8 (for Firefox 3.0-3.6)
    And on and on and on. Search Google (download managers for ubuntu)
    But as Archangel.Amael stated above, there is no need to add this to a pentest distro

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    Default Re: Download Manager Tool

    id recommend downthemall. but as archangel.amael said, this isnt the place for it.
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