Nice read, thanks for taking time to put it together.

I started looking into and using rainbow tables about a month ago for cracking local admin passes - you know how it goes, say to a mate i bet i can find all your user passes out, yeh right, bam there ya go

If you want a password that's resiliant to rainbow tables then use a £ or € in it somewhere, all the tables i've seen are american i guess.

I know there are other symbols not in rainbow tables but these are the easiest to type, remember and look like a E, lol. The € may or may not appear on ur keyboard buts its 'ALT & 0128'

Other characters not in standard tables = just search for 'alt characters' in google (need to get my post count up )

I'm currently making my own rainbow tables to include £, should be finished in about 2 months. hehe