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Thread: How to pass kernel parameters when Booting from CD

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    Smile How to pass kernel parameters when Booting from CD

    I am able to bootBT2.0Final in Microsoft Virtual PC 2004, but cannot start the GUI mode (startx) because the mouse will not function. I came across a fix for the 2.6.20-X kernel that fixed the problem for SuSe 10.3. It involves sending the kernel parameter "i8042.noloop" (without the double quotes) as a boot option. I have preformed a reasonable exhaustive search in this forum for any clues as to how to either fix the mouse on VPC 2004, or pass a kernel parameter for BT2.0Final, but there doesn't see to be any information available.

    Can anytoen tell me how to pass a kernel parameter on boot so I can try this to see of it works ? Thanks in advanve for any help you can offer.

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