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Thread: Which anti-interception comunication?

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    Default Which anti-interception comunication?

    Hi all I want know your opinion about anti-interception comunication.

    Is there a secure method to digital-comunicate without risk of interception?

    With no gov(NSA for example) backdoor, no possibility of decrypt/sniffig??

    I know freenet project but i dont know if it is secure.

    Also there is zphone that crypt voip comunication.

    But all these tools/method dont assure me the absense of backdoor.

    Do Somebody know a real secure method of comunication???

    Thanks in advance.
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    Quote Originally Posted by drpepperONE View Post
    Do Somebody know a real secure method of comniucation???
    Nope, even smoke signals have bugs in them.

    Nothing is secure, you just have to try your best and arm yourself with as much salt as possible. All you can do is try, you can keep 99% of people out with various methods, but eventually you will be exploited.

    ...thats only if you are targeted by an individual or a group for a particular reason. If someone wants your information and they are intelligent, then all it takes is time.

    If its legal in your country, you should try out AES-256 encryption.

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    The only way to know for sure how something works is to do it yourself. That being said, all forms of communication have some risk associated with them.

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    for email security, i would suggest pgp (pretty good privacy). The only thing is your recipient will have to get your public key.

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