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Thread: Skype and the Bavarian trojan in the middle

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    Default Skype and the Bavarian trojan in the middle

    Looks like Skype install is another way for Gov. monitoring of are lives.....

    ....Released documents from the German police revealing Skype interception technology. The leaks are currently creating a storm in the German press. The first document is a communication by the Ministry of Justice to the prosecutors office, about the cost splitting for Skype interception. The second document presents the offer made by Digitask, the German company secretly developing Skype interception, and holds information on pricing and license model, high-level technology descriptions and other detail...... {Warning PDF Link}

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    I guess the /. boys will have to change their normal statement.

    In soviet Germany, skype hacks you.
    A third party security audit is the IT equivalent of a colonoscopy. It's long, intrusive, very uncomfortable, and when it's done, you'll have seen things you really didn't want to see, and you'll never forget that you've had one.

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