Equipment involved: BT3B HDD install, Ethernet (eth0) Atheros PCI Card (ath0) and ALFA RTL8187 (wlan0)

Good morning members i am new to the work of ettercap but enjoying the learning curve im currently surfing (credit to yeehaw and other members involved).

i am currently using the GUI version to get familiar with the commands.
Unified sniffing & arp poisoning
Firt i try a wired connection...
i tested eth0 for the arp poisoning and managed to capture passwords via my wireless desktop (on xp). hotmail and ebay no problem, certificate popped up etc.

So then i decided to try my wirless devices for the posioning.....
Firstly my Atheros PCI
i selected my ath0 device (listed in my sig) and same fantastic results.....
then i disconnect the atheros (from my network)

I then went and setup my Alfa rtl8187 re-ran ettercap and started the poisoning and the returned to my desktop XP machine. Upon entering my hotmail details the login fails, no certificate warning pops up the login just fails (through firefox and opera and ie)("Page cannot be displayed etc") the same results for any Secure Logins (tested hotmail, Thunderbird(mail wont send), ebay, msn messenger.)

Why does this occur, i never ran ettercap in BT2 so i have nothing to compare to really. Obviously running the BT3 Beta at the moment.
my BT3 HDD is default, i have not patched or upgraded/changed any drivers or files only installed tcpreplay 2.3.5 since the HDD install.

Thanks for showing your interest guys, and hope the information may help you to help me and others who may experience or seek the same information.