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Thanks for support people but:
As I said, fan works great, i don't even need a heater to be on, fan blows out the heat, but it cannot do as fast, as the processor warms up. There's no dust, i cleaned all vents.
Of course in BIOS setup there is no option that could control anything related to processor speed and/or temperature.
If there is enough thermal paste to run Vista, it has to handle BT, so i don't think it's a hw issue. I don't want to open the laptop because of the warranty.
I still bet it's the driver's fault (erm.. missing driver's fault?). Is it possible at all to put it to the disc? (to do it so, that it's gonna work )
Well grab a copy of ubuntu and make a unetbootin disk and try it. See if the problem persists. It shouldn't take but about 5 minutes or so to create the usb stick. This will help determine if it is indeed a driver issue.