Hello there,

I am a happy user of the Acer Aspire 5530G laptop.
I'm don't know how it works, but i think's it is a BIOS bug. I guess it can't handle processor's power/voltage/something on it's own.
By default there's Win Vista installed, and as far as I know, it sets the things up.
But: when it comes to run anything, *even the BIOS setup program!* the computer overheats in few minutes/seconds depending on the ambient temp.
Here goes what I tried to:
1. Holding the laptop in the air, so the cooler was not covered even by my table, it gave me 30 secs more
2. Placing a really cold beer under the processor's cover, it gave 3 minutes more and made the beer.. erm.. much less tasty
3. Opening a window (well, it's winter now, 1 C) and placing the laptop on the windowsill - 8-10 minutes
4. Using CPUFREQ - does not work with my CPU - blah blah unknown CPU driver yada yada...

My question is:
How to put the driver for my CPU *on the disc* - i even found the driver, it's at Technical Download Details
but how to get it to work from the DVD?

I can't just install BT to HD, for some reasons, i need to run it from Live. Is there a way to biuld the DVD *with* it?

I think it shouldn't be a big thing, but I am not so good to find it by myself.

Greetz, waiting for an solution (hints?) and apologize for my eng :*