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Thread: arp poisoning lan/wlan with ettercap

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    Default arp poisoning lan/wlan with ettercap

    I'll start by saying that I have some searching on this topic and was ready to go post my question at the ettercap forums, but it looks like the only active posts in the last 6 months were all spams about job offers and big screen TVs.

    I have gotten ettercap to work over the wireless, I associate with my AP and start up arp spoofing and sniff away and can run filters or just get un's/pass off the wired clients (i.e. mine and my roommates windows boxes). The confusing thing for me here is that the wireless traffic is not showing up at all. I believe I have read somewhere that it is possible the router is completely segregating the wireless and wired traffic but if that were the case I dont think the attack would work on wired clients from a wireless MITM attack. When plugged into the ethernet the attacks again run fine against wired clients but not against the wireless clients. I'm sure that the issue here is my cursory knowledge of how ARP spoofing works, but from what I've read I don't see a reason that wireless clients should be any less susceptible to this attack. If someone could explain to me why this is I'd really appreciate it.


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    You need to use a tool like dsniff in order to sniff wireless networks successfully.

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