Hi all.

I've installed BT3 on HD. I've a usb dongle with chipset rt73. I've installed latest driver 2.0.1 (i think, because modinfo rt73 give me

filename: /lib/modules/
license: GPL
description: Ralink RT73 802.11abg WLAN Driver k2wrlz modifications 2.0.0

) , but i cannot inject well.

I've make the injection test with success.

So, i try to take the key of a wireless router with signal between 100 and 105 in airodump. I've fellowed all the tutorials. But i cannot perform correctly the -3 option of aireplay. It not replay the packet. Well, with my old pcmcia card (atheros) aireplay moltiplicate a lot the packets. Now i cannot.

Con you give me some suggestion i can correctly do the job?

I've searched in forum, but i cannot find anithing for my case. Thank you.