I was planning on doing this personally, since I had the documentation and it's on my '2do' list. Although my '2do' list has been changed recently and I thought I would share the work of another, the information is from EdWiget. I am mainly posting this because it seems that there are no tutorials on Autopsy and I feel that there should be because it is such a vital tool.

* This is not my work, I do not take credit for it *

Click the link below to download the PDF File, its 10.9MB.

Data Recovery using Autopsy / TOR / BackTrack & FCCU Forensic Tutorial

The Author of Autopsy can be found at the following website [link goes to Document section of Autopsy]: Sleuthkit.Org

Data Recovery: DD & DDRescue - Taken from

Video Linkage:
Disecting the Sub7 file using Autopsy & Air
Quality: Bad Video, Audio could be useful for some || There IS a version of this file somewhere that is of good quality
Duration: 8mins 10secs

Intro To DD and Autopsy By Williamc and Twinvega
Quality: Excellent Video and Audio/Narration
Duration: 4-5mins


1) Introduction to Computer Forensics
3) 2 Conference on Advances in Computer Security and Forensics (ACSF)
4) Computer forensics and investigations
5) Thiefs Page (HUGE PDF Collection) (The Ultimate Information Center, worth checking).

Goodluck and enjoy, if anyone has any information post and I will add it to this post to keep everything tidy. Thanks to all who contribute to this list!