BT3 boots from CD fine (no changes needed from default BT3 settings)
3.2 Mhz x86 Family 15 model 3 stepping 4 genuine Intel processor

1gb Ram

ATI Radeon IGP 345M display

LAN-Express AS IEEE 802.11g MiniPCI Adapter
(MAdiwifi puts into Monitor mode & injects)(has excellent range!) (use command: airmon-ng stop ath0, airmon-ng start ath0, airmon-ng start wifi0)

So far works very good even battery monitor display is accurate. Does not seem to support "FN" key to change screen contrast or volume control.

-> the cooling fan stepping function works to speed up when the processor is maxed to keep things cool. This lappy throws out some heat!

Also works with external D-link DWL-g122 version B1

Bio's does not support boot from USB, but can use boot CD and switch to USB with no problems.

So far all BT pentest tools are working

Not bad for a FREE Laptop given to me in need of a few minor repairs