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    Default exploiting beyond the LAN

    Hi Fellaz,

    I've successfully exploited various win xp machines on my lan in lab environment using SET and aurora exploit but that is locally, how can these exploitz be used against other side of router on MY remote office pcs (ie.) want to try and pentest outside the local lan, will the exploit meterpreter session come back to me on my LHOST address even if not on the same lan. if not how can it be acheived?

    Pentest office : attack machine ip public ip
    Remote office different lan: victim ip public ip
    MY OWN btw victim machine both owned my myself.

    both ip addresses differ and so how to metasploit past my remote router into the lan side.

    As stated I own both networks but not Pwnd yet.
    Googled and not found a thing apart from changing LHOST to public ip but thats just the router isnt it?

    Kind Regardz DEE


    Thanks for you response to my problem, i am still having problems with the port forward feature.... After your advice i am have set up my attack side lan router to forward incoming connections on port 4444 TCP/UDP to any on lan.

    Now when i do a aurora attack on my office for connection back on my backtrack 4 machine ip= i have set LHOST to my routers ip address = i get my router login pop up after the ip add is input in browser. my router settings are:

    Firmware Version 1.9Sky
    ADSL Port
    MAC Address 00:xx:69:xx:34:xx
    IP Address (is the one i used in LHOST)
    Network Type PPPoA
    IP Subnet Mask
    Gateway IP
    Domain Name Server
    LAN Port
    MAC Address 00:xx:xx:xx:xx:d6
    IP Address
    DHCP enable
    IP Subnet Mask

    Please advise as to which ip to use in my LHOST so that the packets are fowarded form there on to my local ip

    Do i use the gateway ip instead?

    thanks again this is the final part for me to pentest my office remotely.

    BTW ESET SMART SECURITY IS THE MUTZ NUTZ ... defeats arp poisoning and much more.
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