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Thread: Dual Boot XP/BT3 Using Windows Boot Loader

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    Question Dual Boot XP/BT3 Using Windows Boot Loader

    I have searched for about 3 days now looking through every post I could possibly find, including searching the wiki, and still don't feel like I have a definite answer.

    Let's start by stating, I am in no means a linux expert, nor considered really good with linux(yet), but I am working on it. So with that said, I normally run a dual boot xp/ubuntu on my Dell XPS M140, which works well and I know most consider to be a "dumbass's" version of linux, but we all have to learn some where right? Anyway, to get to the point....

    I have removed ubuntu from the dual boot, and now I am replacing it with BT3. My question is, in Ubuntu, the grub boot loader would be loaded into the linux root directory instead of the MBR which I like, but with BT3 it appears it operates the Slax Boot loader instead, which I attempted to make work the same as the grub would work under dual boot, but no matter what I do it seems the Slax Boot Loader wants to load in the MBR and won't give me the option to install in the root instead. Will Slax work the way I am asking or will I have to switch boot loaders to Grub as suggested in the post on the wiki for dual boot using windows boot loader?

    I know that is alot of rambling for what seems to be a simple question, but I wanted to make sure everyone would understand what exactly my situation and question was.

    Thanks for your help, and feel free to tear in to me, tell me my post is wasted drivel whatever, as I'm a big boy and can take it


    Ps. I know some may say, "why not use the slax boot loader?" and that is fine, as I may very well do that, but that would still not answer my question.

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    On the backtrack wiki there is a excellent dual boot movie you should watch. It is the only method that I fully recommend over any other.

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