I needed a newer kernel to support some newer hardware I have to use. Since Slackware hasn't released an updated kernel I took it upon myself to move the config that came with BT3B3 to which I downloaded from kernel.org. I first ran a make menuconfig and let it generate a default config which I used as a template. I have spent the last two days migrating the relevant settings from the BackTrack config i.e. making the config generic and turning on the networking settings. The config I generated is not strictly speaking an updated version of the BackTrack config. I disabled the old IDE drivers (libata replaces them) and got rid of most of the SCSI drivers as I believe that most people use BackTrack from non-SCSI hardware, and removed anything that is obsolete. If there was 2 drivers for the same hardware I selected the newer of the two.

I am attaching the config here to get feedback on anything that I am missing or doesn't really need to be included. I have compiled a kernel using this config and haven't run into any problems. Please let me know what you think. I had to zip the file because of the file size limits.