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Thread: US Robotics Wireless Stick

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    Default US Robotics Wireless Stick

    US Robotics Wireless Stick
    Model: USR805423

    Works in Ubuntu.

    Any help appreciated, thanks.

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    You tried downloading the drivers for it? (Slackware Drivers if OS-Specific)

    And then installing them? Some hardware needs to be manually installed.
    Same with nVidia drivers, even though there already is one, installing the
    latest Linux driver will make it work somehow better if you are using it to
    f.ex. play games on.

    (yeah i play Battlefield on my BackTrack ocasionally xD )
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    I have the same problem.
    i cant get the US ROBOTICS USB stick with backtrack.

    need help

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    What does lsusb say about this stick? from googling, I think this is equipped with zydas zd-1211 chipset. If that is the case, the drivers should already be included on both backtrack 2 and backtrack 3.

    Report your pci:id listing.

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    Problem solved now thanks,

    There is a post on the Wireless Compatibility section of the Wiki about loading some firmware files.

    There was also a patch in the bugs section of the Wiki for getting the stick working with injection.

    If a mod wants to mark this as solved then please feel free.

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