Using BT2

I flashed my Orinoco card to firmware v8.72 but using Windows98 I flashed it back to v6.16. I used to be able to use this card with ease in BT2 but now it is a pain. I cannot connect to the net with it anymore, When i type dmesg it says it is eth2 and using firmware v6.16. and says its Hermes 1 and ready.
When I type in: ifconfig eth2 up and then try the commands to get net access I get this error:

Error for wireless request "Set Frequency" (8B04) : Set failed on device eth2 ; Device or resource busy.

airmon-ng start eth2 tells me that eth2, HermesI, orinoco(monitor mode enabled)

I then fire up kismet but it finds nothing even thought the router is 5' away.

lspci command only shows my intel pro/wireless internal

I need some expertise. I have searched the net for all kinds of help on this and resorted to asking here. I have tried some things but all failed. Is there anything you recommend to help? What is another card that works well within BT and also kismet? I have a netgear WG511T already.