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Thread: Canīt see my shared folders in the network.

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    Default Canīt see my shared folders in the network.

    Hello all People out there,

    Iīve got a problem. I try to see my shared folders in Linux but I canīt find them, even if I am connected to the network........

    In Windows itīs no problem..........I see everything


    Iīve been to my friend and tried to see te shared folders.....but nothing also in windows...but on my friends Laptop the shared folders are listed!

    What am I doing wrong???

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    I'll give you a little hand but you need to clarify some facts first.

    Are you using 2 seperate computers?

    Can you ping by IP address from each box to the other?

    which physical box is the shared folders on?

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    Was your friends laptop part of the same workgroup? How did you try to view his shares (or he yours)? Same goes for Linux, how did you attempt to "see" the shared folders?
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