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Thread: VirtualBox (possibly other vm's) no X solution

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    Default VirtualBox (possibly other vm's) no X solution

    First, I would say this isn't too critical....but some people run backtrack in a virtual machine for testing things against a virtual network of virtual machines. Anyways, using the kde or the flux menu selection from lilo won't work in a virtual machine, or at least the binary release of VirtualBox. I think it has something to do with either startup scripts or the boot parameters for kde and flux and not related to Virtualbox.

    I posted some screenshots with an article here and better description - (error, not allowed to post urls until you have posted 15 messages) - just see edwiget dot name for article.

    The solution is real simple: select BT3 Text Mode FB and after you log in, both startx and flux commands will work.

    I will see if I can determine why the other menu selections dont work....right now I have to sleep. night

    Update: I forgot to state that I was running sabayon linux 3.5 Loop 1 x64 (CFLAGS native) with bt3 beta as the virtual machine and the latest binary release of virtualbox 1.5.4

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    No such problems in Vmware or AFAK Parallels.

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    Just verified issue with BT3beta on virtualbox (host os is Vista Biz)

    I'll play around with it later in txt mode.

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    Default Same problem in Parallels 5584

    Just thought I'd add that I encountered the same problem in Parallels 5584. Booting into text mode allowed me to launch X. From there I was able to partition and run the GUI installer. After that, even the parallels tools installer worked. w00t!

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