Hi, I have a question that is Slax based but very BackTrack related. I am new to Slax and am still trying to figure it out. I am trying to modify the module from ophcrack live cd to put on BackTrack. I was able to get the ophcrack module off of ophcrack and modify it to include the launch and dump hash scripts. I was also able put the tables on my USB drive so that I could successfully run the launch script and automate the process of cracking my windows passwords.

Where I have a problem is with trying to add the launch script to the menu (kde is of more interest to me but flux would be nice too). Anyway I can't understand the BackTrack menu structure. The directories seem obvious enough but where are the menu items located? I want to add ophcrack to the offline password attacks but can't seem to figure out how to go about doing it with a module. I can use kmenuedit and add the item for temp use or save the session to make it work later but how can I add the menu item as a module? If I could figure this stuff out I would gladly add this as a module to the slax modules page as the ones there seem to not work.

Anyway if anyone could shed a little light on this I would appreciate it greatly.

P.S. BackTrack 3 is the bomb especially since I added ophcrack on it. I need to learn some more of the many nifty tools that are on there.